Case Studies

  • Posterior Rib Fracture Non-Unions

    23 year old male victim of a high-speed motor vehicle crash in January 2005 who suffered right posterior rib fractures. In April 2005 he complained of persistent pain and fracture movement. A 3-D CT scan demonstrated fracture non-unions.

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  • Rib Fracture with Nerve Entrapment

    35 year old male fractured multiple left-sided rib fractures when he crashed into a tree skiing December, 2005. The ninth rib had persistent pain associated with fracture movement at 3 months post-injury. The pain was in a dermatome pattern consistent with the 9th intercostal nerve. 3D reconstruction of chest wall revealed 9th rib fracture non-union.

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  • Displaced Rib Fracture with Hemothorax

    62 year old male injured in rollover tractor incident on his farm on 9-12-2006 sustaining multiple left-sided rib fractures. During his recovery he developed a significant retained hemothorax and his rib fractures became more severely displaced.

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