Acute is marking the products specifically identified on this website pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a) by associating each identified product with one or more patents that cover that product. Products may be covered by additional patents not listed.

Acute Innovations® patents

AcuTie® and AcuTie II®
RibLoc® and RibLoc® U Plus
US Pat. 8,486,114
US Pat. 9,237,913
GB 2,476,630 UK
US Pat. 8,679,122
US Pat. 9,241,748
US Pat. 9,421,050
GB 2,474,363 UK
Australia Patent No. 2013256502
Germany Patent No. 202013011968.3
Japanese Patent No. 6105055
US Pat. 7,635,365
US Pat. 7,695,501
US Pat. 8,632,573
US Pat. 9,775,657
EP 1,667,590
GB 2,423,935 UK
GB 2,435,429 UK
Japanese Patent No. 4,808,621
Japanese Patent No. 5,314,074

Other Patents Pending