RibLoc® U+

Chest Wall Plating System

ACUTE Innovations® has developed U-shaped plate technology to provide stability with anterior and posterior locking screws. The RibLoc® U Plus Chest Wall Plating System offers straight-forward, color-coded instrumentation for ease of use. The RibLoc® U Plus 90 Instrumentation, a low-profile system, provides power for limited access areas to ensure efficiency in the O.R.

indications for use

The ACUTE Innovations® RibLoc® U Plus Chest Wall Plating System is intended to stabilize and provide fixation for fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the ribs, and for reconstructions of the chest wall. 

Features & Benefits

Custom Fit to the Rib

The RibLoc U Plus plate was designed to be customizable to the individual patient. The plates range in length from 50mm-215mm, which allows the surgeon to address a broad range of fracture patterns.

The advanced design of the plate offers a compressible U-clip for a perfect fit to a broad range of rib thicknesses (6mm-14mm).

U plus placement on rib

The U-shape design of the U Plus plate aids in consistent and straight-forward placement through the thickest portion of the rib while avoiding the neurovascular bundle.2

anterior and posterior locking

The U-clips are designed to minimize the stress on the rib by distributing physiologic loads over a greater surface area. Once the screws are engaged and fixed to the cortices of the bone, the plate locks both anteriorly and posteriorly. An additional benefit to the U-clip design is that fewer screws are needed to anchor them to the bone, lessening the degree of dissection needed on the rib itself.3

PLate Variety

The RibLoc U Plus system offers U-shaped plates for rib fixation as well as a straight plate to stabilize sternum fractures.
The U-shaped plates are available in 55mm, 75mm, 115mm, and 215mm. The straight plate has a length of 126mm.
All plates have been designed to work with existing RibLoc U Plus and U Plus Instrumentation.

Sternum Fracture Fixation

The straight plate is a new implant that offers fixation for transverse sternal fractures while using U Plus instrumentation.
Image courtesy of Bruce Harm, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Trauma, Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery, School of Medicine.

U Plus was designed to make installation straight-forward

With the use of a hex driver and drill bit, a rib plate installation can occur in as little as three steps for a simple fracture using the U Plus plate, Primary Guide, and screws.

Dual-Locking Screws

The 2.7mm dual-threaded screws are provided in lengths from 6mm to 14mm in 2mm increments and are color-coded for accurate and efficient installation.

Custom Instrumentation

Primary Guides

The Primary Guides aid in fracture reduction once compressed onto the rib. This innovative instrument indicates the correct screw and has a built in drill guide and stop.

Intermediate Gauge

The Intermediate Gauge act as a clamp for securing segmental fractures, maintaining fracture reduction, as well as a sizing tool for intermediate screw placement.

Hand Bender

The two-sided Hand Bender is specifically designed to contour the U Plus plate to match the curvature of the rib. The teardrop features (1) are used for in-plane bending. The unique design allows for bending the plate without deforming the screw holes, as well as an angle approach to bend the plates in-situ.  The roller features (2) are used for out-of-plane bending.

joystick bender

The Joystick Benders can be used to apply a twist or out-of-plane bend to the plate.

They can be used in situ and can also be useful in holding and manipulating the plate during installation.

rib forceps

The Rib Forceps are designed specifically to maintain proper plate placement on the bone as well as assist with fracture reduction.

U Plus 90 adds power for efficiency

The U Plus 90 degree system is designed for low-profile access while allowing the use of power to compress, drill, and install screws – all with efficiency.
W&H Implanted power unit

U plus 90 primary guides

The U Plus 90 low-profile Primary Guides compress the plate to the rib while aiding in fracture reduction through minimally invasive procedures. This innovative guide provides straight-forward color-coded measurements for screw length.

u plus 90 ratchets

The 90 Degree Ratchets are designed to tighten screws with little force in hard to access locations.

u plus chest wall plating system

The U Plus system provides a solution for rib fracture repair that is stable, efficient, versatile, and customizable to each patient and situation.

  • U-clips compress to match the rib thickness
  • Plates address diverse fracture patterns
  • Custom bending instrumentation
  • Multi-purpose instrumentation


The U Plus 90 system provides a comprehensive solution to plating ribs in limited access locations. The low-profile and 90° instrumentation facilitates fixation of subscapular, posterior, and anterolateral fractures through minimally invasive approaches.

  • Subscapular access as high as the second rib4
  • Power for installation
  • Torque Limits
  • LED light improves visibility


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